Jack Parkinson

Education Researcher

Software Developer

I am a postdoc Research Associate at the University of Glasgow in the School of Computing Science, specifically affiliated with the Centre for Computing Science Education (CCSE).

My research is primarily focussed on the role of spatial skills in computing and STEM learning. My current project aims to explore the benefits of including deliberate spatial instruction in a typical primary school maths curriculum, having seen benefits of spatial skills development in undergraduate computing.

I am also interested in other areas of computing education and learning. I spent several years as a tutor at the University of Glasgow and Glasgow International College, taking a role in affecting instruction in both institutions. My main interests in CS learning are in introductory computing and work-based learning programmes.

Despite my interest in learning and pedagogy specifically, I am trained and have worked as a software engineer. In an effort to retain these skills while I continue my research, I frequently engage in software projects whenever I am able to.